Sunday, August 2, 2009

Th' Mole Wraps Up Tour + New Music Vid

After finishing 3.5 months of touring across the US and Europe, Th' Mole has been working on new material and getting set for more shows throughout August and September, including a 5-day stint in Holland (including shows with Curse Ov Dialect and DJ 0.000001) followed by Burning Man. He also found the time to make the silly music video for his bitter break-up song "I Hate You" from the Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1 album:

Being the media-crazed attention whore that he is, Th' Mole has continued to grace newspapers, radio, and magazines in the last few months. You can stream or download his live performance and interview on Capital Public Radio (here). Also, Kinki Mag has run a few stories on Th' Mole, including one for its latest issue (free online - pg. 72).

While Th' Mole continues to toil away, you crazy fans can expect two or three free maxi-singles in the next few months. Meanwhile, don't forget about the two latest free maxi-singles, How 2 B Cool (ft. Robot Koch & Ladyscraper) and Jump Jack (ft. Warrior Queen and Mochipet).

Friday, July 24, 2009

♫ Godzilla New Year OUT NOW!
Video by Savage Henry

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mochipet on Mary Anne Hobbs BBC1 Radio Show This Tuesday 7/7

Check out the Mary Anne Hobbs Show this Tuesday for a
Special Set by Mochipet. If you like it please send Mary
Anne an email (
about it to support so she continues to bring you
the latest in left field electronic bass music!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Th' Mole tour report

Hi everybody. I'm still in the middle of my crazy tour, currently in Ohio. I started on April 6 and will continue through July 25 or something. I've been all across the US and Europe, and now I'm heading back across the US in the opposite direction. It's been super fun. There's way too much stuff to tell, so I'll summarize it with some photos and lists. Check 'em out, if you give a hoot.

things i lost:
air cannon* (seattle)
salt shaker (LA)
food containers (austin, new jersey)
silverware (austin)
bag of salt (austin)
2 mason jars (?)
2 travel mugs (? and cassis)
ice pack (?)
computer "ilok" key (new jersey)
cell phone (st. etienne)
eurail train pass (paris)
2nd cell phone* (paris)
computer power cable* (paris)
100 cd's* (paris)
computer discs w/ demune acapellas* (brooklyn)
sweatshirt (?)

things i broke:
$20 k-mart clearance luggage
$25 downtown LA luggage
dollar store tupperware
boxer shorts

where i live according to flyers on this tour:
san francisco
nevada city*
new orleans

percentage of flyers that spelled my name correctly (th' mole as opposed to the mole) on this tour:

toughest crowd:

best crowd:
zurich (druckerei)

number of girls i had crushes on:

number of girls i hooked up with:

number of times i was hit in the face:

number of speeding tickets received:

things that are better in europe than US (in my opinion):
pretty girls
nice girls
intelligent girls
lack of obesity
visual art
preservatives and additives
ingredients are listed on alcohol and tobacco products
treatment of livestock
drinking allowed on the street
getting paid at shows
being fed at shows
sound techs at shows
lighting at shows
vegetation in cities
fast food (kebabs)
french fries served with curry sauce
availability of public transportation
multi-lingual ability
smaller cars
tap water
squats, AKA artist havens (especially in zurich)

things that are better in US than europe (in my opinion):
toilets (netherlands and germany)
cost of everything
cleaning up dog poop (france)
dancing at shows/body language
non-smoking indoors
spicy food
mexican food
availability of nutritional yeast
wheelchair access
tea says "caffeinated" or "non-caffeinated"

things that are different in europe:
mcdonald's sells beer
everything is smaller
people kiss strangers on the cheeks (france)
heterosexual men kiss each other on the cheeks (france)
french fries with mayonnaise
butter on sandwiches instead of mayonnaise

things that are the same in europe and the US:
people use pots/pans with flaking teflon (bad)
people cook w/ olive oil (bad when heated above boiling point)
public toilets often cost money
there are nice people and mean people
there are dumb people and smart people

superstars i hung out with:
dj 0.000001
body holliday
bazooka jo
dj collage
drewslum & gravesend
hinterlander & puritan
cartoon monster
tang li wheebs
lukas whatwhat
aaron spaz
baseck & cristinky (sonic death rabbit)
mc homeless
dj stere0type
walter gross
unconventional science
a. passerbye
ted nava
strange powers & cletus galacticus
id obelus & random art projects
myn dwun
thesis sahib
james p honey & james reindeer
pierre the motionless
the scrapes
awol one
mc zayde & dj buti
ancient mith
babel fishh
subzero permafrost
dj scientist
doktor krank
dj koola
the ohlsons/knertz
goran & kraaterman/quiet
ghislain poirier
lucy 7-inch, aka william s. blake
self destruct
le pingouin
davey of dreadnots

worst day:
leaving from marseilles to paris (on a full moon), missed train, then realized that i had lost my 2nd cell phone and my train pass (which cost $1100). finally made it to marseilles, and my host immediately got in a car wreck. went to police station to settle dispute between drivers, ended up the loser. next asked the police to make a police report for my lost train pass (because in order to get a partial refund i needed a police report within 24 hours), and was denied. other band canceled the gig for that night due to a motorcycle wreck. very small audience at the show. at end of night, organizers of show got into a huge yelling match. next morning, returned to police station and was denied a report again. (finally found a new police station and made the report in the nick of time.)

or maybe the worst day was leaving from bordeaux to netherlands, realizing that i misread my itinerary and was over 5 hours late for my train. i needed to get there, not only for a show that night, but because a guy there owed me money, i had most of my things there, and i was leaving the next day back to the US. i took a cab to the airport (35 euros), bought a plane ticket to paris (300 euros), and took trains to netherlands from there. 5 minutes before the 1st train left i was informed that i needed a reservation. with no time to spare i tried to get one, in vain, tried to buy a ticket, also in vain, and then ran back to the train, incurring a 100 euro fine. this train was 10 minutes late so i missed my connecting train. then i missed the next train too, cause i misunderstood where to catch it. when i finally arrived at the venue i was 6 hours late. luckily there were still enough people to perform for, but half the audience had left by that time.

best day:
day off in switzerland - swimming/drinking wine/eating cheese in lucerne, then took train to zurich and visited the amazing squat, binz, which is a gigantic disneyland for artists - took a dip in gigantic hot tub and ate a good meal - for dessert, barbecued chocolate bananas.

other highlights:
williams, oregon - playing in the middle of nowhere for a packed restaurant of super hyped kids.. seattle - opened for filastine, then after party, performed again with filastine and dj collage.. LA - played a show in a rad gallery, included in audience and/or performing: k-the-i??, bizzart, baseck, wet mango, mc homeless, dj stere0type, branded, youth:kill, etc.. santa barbara - playing for a houseful of hyped college kids, vegan breakfast in the morning.. austin - watching the incredible jubbs perform.. austin/indiana/michigan - recording/hanging out with strange powers/id obelus/myn dwun.. portland, me - meeting thesis, jameses, roma, pierre motionless, brzowski & sontiago.. paris - riddlore opens (?) for me.. poland - seeing the ancestral homeland & hanging with dr. krank & koola.. mainz - watching incredible performances by ohlsons feat. babel fishh & jamesphoney w/ james reindeer.. zurich - super hyped crowd, hanging out with ancient mith, goran, manu, staying up all night.. toulouse and cassis - paradises.. paris again - free sushi.. lucerne - hanging out with ghislain poirier and william s. blake, after party in army bunkers.. DC - performing on the street w/ flail & unscheduled co-vocalist 'uncle jesse'.

Upcoming shows:
June 10 - Kent, OH
June 11 - Chicago, IL
June 13 - New Castle, CO
June 14 - Denver, CO
June 17 - Spokane, WA
June 19 - Everett, WA
June 20 - Portland, OR
June 29-July 5 - Mutant Fest, location TBA
July 7 - Nevada City, CA
July 20 - Los Angeles, CA
(see for details and last-minute additions)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Mochipet Music Videos

Cool new Mochipet Music Videos by Zebbler
and Olivia Ting. Please check em out!

Mochipet Europe Tour Videos and More

If you haven't checked them out already, there
are some amazing videos from Mochipet's recient
Europe Tour with acts such as: 808State, Modeselektor,
A-Track, DJ Qbert, Squarepusher, Venetian Snares,
Mr. Scruff, Benga and Skream, and more!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mochipet Weekend.errrrrrrr!! Come out, come out!

Mochipet Weekender.







That's right 3 nights of Mochipet Banging your
Bootie. So come out and enjoy the Bass!

Master P on Atari Makes Miami College Radio Top 10 List

Dialed In: Top Tens From Local College Radio

Dialed In is a new weekly column on Crossfade tracking the top-ten lists for South Florida's campus radio stations.

University of Miami - WVUM 90.5 FM, "The Voice"

The Voice is dedicated to playing music that commercial stations leave out of their broadcasts.

1. Begone Dull Care, Junior Boys
2. Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, Phoenix
3. Jupiter, Starfucker
4. Rules, Whitest Boy Alive
5. My Tronic, Nite Club
6. Fever Ray, Fever Ray
7. The Future Will Come, the Juan Maclean
8. Master P on Atari, Mochipet
9. Reintegration Time, Shout Out Out Out Out
10. Apocalypto, the Presets

Florida International University - WRGP 88.1 FM and 95.3 FM, "Radiate"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New old DJ 0.000001 mix!

Bay Area-based Circuitry Audio has just re-released a DJ 0.000001 "mix" that was released on CD-R a couple years ago. We put "mix" in quotes because, as is characteristic of DJ One-Millionth, his mix involves extreme editing, layering and original sequencing. Many of the compositions on this release, Listen To My Futures, later found their way onto the Whirled Fusion mixtape (featuring Th' Mole), but some (such as the Fugazi remix) has remained unheard on the internet until now. Circuitry AudioCheck it!

Also coming soon from DJ 0.000001, a new single featuring Mochipet and Eazy-E, another single ("Down In A Hole") coming out on Chrome Kids, and a remix album for Well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jacker Gets Jacked

Daly City's resident beat jacker DJ 0.000001 recently got a taste of his own medicine when Canadian remix/rapper/singer gals Risky Business ganked the instrumental for his latest single - "We All Fall Down" - and laced it with original vocals and a Nancy Sinatra chorus. The result is freaking beautiful, as you can hear for yourself. (Never mind that it was released with no credit given to DJ 0.000001 or Nancy Sinatra. I suppose we can forgive them since they are beautiful blond Canadians and all.)

Meanwhile Mr. "One-Millionth" continues his adventures opening up for Th' Mole in Europe and the US. During the long train rides he has kept busy working on a new single as well as a remix album for Well. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Th' Mole's "How 2 B Cool" Free Maxi-Single

In cooperation with Daly City, Chrome Kids drops their second online single: Th' Mole's "How 2 B Cool" - featuring an instrumental, remixes by Robot Koch and Ladyscraper, as well as a brand new track, "Dear Europe". Cop that baby for free at Chrome Kids.

Meanwhile, Th' Mole continues his European adventures (with DJ 0.000001 on select dates)...

Complete info for May-July US/Euro dates at

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Th' Mole On Tour, Making Noise

In the midst of a tour that will last through July and possibly longer, Th' Mole has been making a mess all over the place. Not only has his album hit #12 on the CMJ charts and his single remained #1 on XLR8R's MP3 downloads for nearly three weeks, he's managed to get a ton of other press and new fans during his travels as well as recording a crazy new collaboration album, featuring a ton of the talented folks with whom he has encountered on the road. Including Baseck and Cristinky of Sonic Death Rabbit, amongst a host of others, the album is sure to be chock full of insane talent and an eclectic array of styles. (See below, as Michigan's Myn Dwun records his crunk-ass verse about the value of hugging your friends, in Th' Mole's car!)

The busy little Mole promises to give us an in-depth recap of the tour (including the reason behind his getting turned away from the Canadian border) as soon as he has a spare minute, but for now you can follow his Twitter updates at and see his upcoming schedule for the US and Europe at

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Free Download: Preshwrecka Compactotrax pt. 1


[ Exlusive on iTunes or Addictech ]

The latest official full length record from Mochipet "Master P on Atari"
is out today exclusively on iTunes and Addictech.

ARTIST: Mochipet
Master P on Atari
Daly City Records
Digital & Special Edition CD
Mastered by:
Bil Bless

Mochipet’s 808 Opus “Microphonepet” gained him a spot on 2kSports’ NBA2k9 Videogame along side acts such as Beastie Boys, N.E.R.D., and The Cool Kids and now he’s back with another Glitched Out Video Game Marathon. Master P on Atari is dirtier, bassier, and spaceier, with lazers set on full destruct. You’ll hear elements of Hip Hop, Dubstep, 8bit, IDM, Metal, and Chopped and Screwed but it is still all David Y. Wang, expanding on his already immense electronic musical pallet. There might be a reason why publications such as The Clash Magazine (UK), Bay Guardian, and SFWeekly has nomited him as one of the Best Electronic Act of 2008 and one to watch for in the future!
Kid Koala (Ninjatune)
“Mochipet is hilariously funky. He should score the next Katamari video game!”

Clash Magazine ( UK )
“Top Electronic Artists of 2008 - Savaged edits over schizphreaked beats sizzled Mochipet's great album into our charts…talent populated this sonic bullet.”

edIT (The Glitch Mob) "Mochi is keepin' it hyphy for the asians."

Lazersword (Briefcase Rockers) “yo man, was just listening to this mochipet track on my itunes a second ago, and was like what the fuck this is the dopest track i've ever heard. that whole album is rawwwwww”

MISSILL ( Paris , France )
“WOW, i didnt take a slap on my face like dat since a while.. wow wickeed album !!!...well done, big respect”

URB Magazine
“Mochipet is making one hell of an argument—for hip hop and even music in general….One very versatile producer…"

KEXP ( Seattle , WA ) “beats spanning the hip-hop and electronic genres, often combining the two in memorable fashion…you barely have to lift a finger to enjoy this”

Pharrell (FLUOKIDS Blog) " Mochipet ….soft and pop, slow fox trot, rubs your buttocks more gently please, I want to take my time like turning the first 25 pages of pub of my magazine of mode, mode."

01) Pythagorean Hyphy Proof
02) Master P on Atari
03) Turbo Thizz Petnation
04) Sumo Hertz

05) Robo Crunk Juice
06) Mashall Bass Stacks
07) Complex Players Dub
08) Ghetto Puddin Pet
09) It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It
10) Coleco Crunk Vision
11) Win With Wang
12) Full Frontal Face Melt
13) Honey Badger Breaks
14) Godzilla New Year

New Mix With Mochipet, Mochipet, Akira Kiteshi, Ghislain Poirier, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, Busy P, Milanese, Landstrumm, Diplo, Joker, more by NIC


Heavy, eclectic mix of electronic glitch hop breaks spiced up with bass heavy dubstep and a few other styles by an artist called NIC. It’s quite funny as the term “nic” in Polish means “nothing” and as it turns out I practically know nothing about this artist, apart from the fact that he/they is/are probably from Australia and definitely knows how to cook a delicious music meal. I’ve even forgot where I found this quality music. Whatever, enjoy the ride.
Mochipet, Akira Kiteshi, Ghislain Poirier, Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, Busy P, Milanese, Landstrumm, Diplo, Joker plus remixes by Two Fingers, Megasoid, Si Begg, Kraddy – what else can you expect from a good mix. Absolutely amazing selection of midtempo vibes yet very moving, uplifting and full of raw energy. Intelligent glitch break beat music!

Nic – Moar Moar mix (direct download)

Fulgeance – Tita Lima Esquizofrevo (Luv n Hate remix)

Frank n Dank – All seasons
Oliverdaysoul - Brain
Heralds of Change – Be out there ft Oddisee & Trek Life

Lukid – Fall apart
Neil Landstrumm – Godfathers 560
Dorian Concept – The fucking formula
Busy P – To protect and entertain (Mr. Oizo remix)
Diplo – Smash a Kangaroo (instrumental)
Kelis – Bossy (Two Fingers remix)
Zion and I – Lift me up (Traxamillion remix)
Mochipet – Tangle ft. Epcot
Ghislain Poirier – No more blood (Megasoid edit)
Ben Mono – Don't stop
Tolcha & Soom T – Send dem kids to war (Eva B remix)
Milanese – Caramel Cognac
Jahcoozi – Who (Kraddy remix)
Hint - At the dance Sway – What you know (instrumental)
Jahcoozi – Jah C DC
Chaim - Africomania
Little Nobody – We call it crack house (Si Begg remix)
Modeselektor – Dancing Box ft TTC
Meat Katie – Stop the revolution ft Odissi (Bassbin Twins remix)
Joker – Digidesign
Spank Rock – Bump (Liver remix)
Tipper – Swipe Dub
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Reso – Smash yer face In

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Free Mochipet Remix Download on XLR8R.COM



Free Mochipet Download on XLR8R.COM
. Here comes more Mochipet madness. The weirdo-hop maestro takes on Atlanta-based hip-hop collective Dem Franchize Boys for his next project, turning the group's track "I Think They Like Me" into a frantic future-blap number packed end-to-end with electronics.

Mochipet is coming to Italy!

"Listen, listen well. For the first time in Italy we are proud to present one of the greatest producer of the California scene. To all of you, lovers of the experimental sound, Global Beat will come back in action with a new party. Remember well, the 29/4 @ Sartea there'll be Mochipet from California. Check his myspace and the global beat myspace. Don't miss it, it will be a super cool party. I'm the Wood Dick and i'm watching your back"

Photos From Mochipet's Master P on Atari Tour Electron Festival Geneva

Electron Festival GenevaHere are some photos from Electron Festival Switzerland. First Stop on the Mochipet Master P on Atari Tour. Hope you enjoy! xoxo mochi

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Th' Mole on XLR8R and UrbNet and Chrome Kids

A lot is happening at once for Th' little Mole man this week. As he embarks on the first leg of his tour across the globe (beginning with California/Oregon/Washington), he's also got a nice interview on, as well as a featured track on XLR8R. Meanwhile Chrome Kids prepares to release the "How 2 B Cool" maxi-single on May 4.

See Th' Mole's US/CAN/EU tour schedule, currently taking shape, on his MySpace page. Joined by DJ 0.000001 on select dates, Th' Mole promises to blow your mind with his power-packed live show, featuring laptop beat juggling/scratching (what?!), confetti cannon, gorilla hype-man, costumes, dancing and magic!

Week 1:
April 9 - Williams, OR (w/ S.O.S.)
April 10 - Portland, OR (w/ Vankmen/Reactionary)
April 11 - Seattle, WA (w/ Filastine)
April 12 - Portland, OR (w/ Demune/Drew Slum/486Kid)
April 13 - San Francisco, CA (w/ TBA - secret location - call 808 344 0719 day of show)
April 14 - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Baseck/Wet Mango/Bizzart)
April 15 - Los Angeles, CA (w/ Featherbeard/Bobb Bruno)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mochipet Interview in a little Beat Magazine from Valencia!

Mochipet Interview in a little Beat Magazine from Valencia!

Mochipet Interviewed by GNZ in A Little Beat... minizín ocio-cultural Magazine from Valencia Spain!

Little Beat... minizín ocio-cultural

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

DJ 0.000001 / Chrome Kids / Daly City present...

DJ 0.000001, AKA Th' Mole, drops a new jammy. Featuring Pharoahe Monch and some singing kids battling it out over Too $hort, K-The-I???, Benga, etc.. This song is freakin' good. So good that Chrome Kids decided to make it their first official release. Already made its mark on BBC Radio. Blah, blah - just download it. (Includes instrumental and acapella as well.)

More info at Chrome Kids - always up to date with the freshest of the fresh, so you don't have to be!

Mochipet ReTweeked OUT NOW on iTunes and More!

With Remixes by:



DJ Weekend



Microphonepet Remixed Record Release Party with Mochipet, CLP (BoysNoizeRecords) and more This Friday

Daly City Records Presents:

Straight from Berlin
(Boyz Noize Records)
Chris de Luca vs Phon.o

Along with:
Mochipet (Daly City)
NastyNasty (Daly City)
Preshish Moments (Daly City)
Sleepyhead (1320Records)
Mophono (CB Records)
Jon Holiday (Temple Labs)
Bogl (Soundpieces/Symbiosis)
MIHKAL (connoisseur collective/street ritual)
djSpaceInvader (memekast)

$10 before 12am
$20 after 12am

224 7th st.
San Francisco, CA 94103
(Cross St. Howard)

Mochipet - Bunnies & Muffins Record Release This Saturday!

Mochipet - Bunnies & Muffins Record Release
Saturday, April 4th
All night blowout !
9pm - 5am

09:00 Workshop: Komega
10:00 DCR - Restiform Bodies (Anticon)
10:45 LT - Moldover
11:30 DCR - KLRI$$IAN
12:15 LT - Chelsea Faith
01:00 DCR - Mochipet (Daly City),
w/ Mike Boo (Alphapup), Marcus Stephens (JazzMafia)
01:45 DCR - Dnae Beats (Machete Vox)
02:30 LT - Ganucheau
03:15 DCR - Cobalt Robot aka redivider & joey mousepad
03:35 DCR - Bloodysnowman (Daly City)
04:00 LT - Blipvert

@ The Ranch
1433 Van Dyke Ave(@ Jennings St)
San Francisco, CA 94124


Mochipet Announces Master P on Atari Europe Tour 2009 !

Mochipet Announces Master P on Atari Europe Tour 2009!

That's right Mochipet is coming back to Europe and this time with a Bass Vengence! Please be sure to catch him at one of the dates below. Master P on Atari comes out April 21st Everywhere! If you would like to book Mochipet please contact:

Elastic Artists Agency Ltd.
101 Micawber Wharf, 17 Micawber Street, London, N1 7TB
Tel: +44 (0)20 7336 8340 Fax: +44 (0)20 7608 1471


Fri 10-Apr Switzerland Geneva Electron Festival
w/ Modeselektor, Venetian Snares, and more.
Tue 14-Apr Czech Republic Prague Meet Factory
Thu 16-Apr Greece Athens Swing
Fri 17-Apr Poland Warsaw Obiekt Znaleziony
Sat 18-Apr France Lille Gare St Sauveur
Thu 23-Apr Switzerland Bern Dampfzentrale
Fri 24-Apr Switzerland Dudingen Bad Bonn
Wed 29-Apr Italy Vicenza Bar Sartea
Fri 1-May Switzerland Martigny Les Caves Du Manoir
Sat 2-May Belgium Brussels Recycle Art
Tue 5-May Netherlands Wageningen Liberation Fesitval
Thu 7-May Netherlands Amsterdam Paradiso
Fri 8-May Germany Dresden Galleria Disko
Sat 9-May Austria Wels schl8hof
Tue 12-May UK Newscastle Coorperage
Wed 13-May UK London Gramaphone
Thu 14-May UK Bristol / London Bardens
Fri 15-May Belgium Leuven Der Machine
Sat 16-May Belgium Oudenaarde Re-Fest

Mochipet is Booking US and Asia Tour Now.
For booking please contact:
Daly City Records Booking
353 Philip Dr. #306
Daly City, CA 94015
415 680 5748

Daly City Bass You!

Mochipet in XLR8R This Month!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Th' Mole gets mad good press

People seem to like Th' Mole's new album and music video quite a bit. Not only has the album debuted at #33 on the CMJ college radio charts, but it has received a huge amount of web and print attention, even without any press campaign.

Poland's Doktor Krank says

"You should definitely check this release, even if you never heard about this guy. His music escapes easy pigeonholing as its creativity goes much much beyond one music genre or style, which is quite a painful thing for music journalists, but a real treat for any intelligent and open-minded music fans. Turbo wonky apocalyptic madness delivered by Th’ Mole with the help of his fantastic vocal cords in a goofy hip hop manner, built on glitch and free-style electronica will elevate your mood instantly! You will be surprised, your mood will swing like in kaleidoscope. But you will definitely love the man behind this entire bombastic nuke dropped unexpectedly on you. Writing about Th’mole music you just cannot escape being a bit bombastic in your selection of words, sorry I can’t do anything about this."

Ha! Read the whole article here.

Meanwhile, gives another rave review:

A collection of reworked "hits" alongside new tunes, Greatest Hits is fun, upbeat dance music inspired by rap, glitch-hop and electro, with just a splash or two of bluegrass fiddle. Using this catchy ear candy as a backdrop, th' Mole flips hyper, simple raps that emphasize the positive messages in his music, such as "How 2 B Cool" and "People Are Good," alongside dance floor scorchers like "Jump Jack" and "Heart Phire," and a handful of instrumentals. Even the one angry song, "I Hate You," a break-up song, is fairly energetic and dances the thin line between ballad and rump shaker, finally crossing over with the angrier 8-bit remix, labeled "Secret Hidden Bonus Track." A bonus MP3 EP contains a few more songs and remixes. "Tick Tick Blam" appears in original and instrumental form, as well as two remixes, but the highlights are "Brush 'Em," a sugary sweet, pro-teeth cleaning anthem from th' Mole's children's entertainer alter ego Captain Daydream, and the two-part lesson in horseback riding, "Go Horsie," the first part serving as the newest single, with a video featuring th' Mole running amok as a vibrantly costumed "stupid, supercharged idiot."

See the aforementioned "Go Horsie" music video here, and read the full Exclaim review here.

Th' Mole is only picking up steam from here... Stay tuned for TWO new single releases on Chrome Kids/Daly City in the next month, music and articles in the new edition of Dead Magazine, and tours across the US/Canada/Europe in April, May and June. (STILL booking. To get some Mole in your town; contact

Friday, March 27, 2009

NastyNasty Unleashed... April 3rd SF w/CLP, Mochipet & more

time to unleash the beast fellas
This is the very first official NastyNasty set and i hope y'all can make it out because it's going to fucking slay....

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mochipet is coming to WMC w/ Otto Von Schirach and Richard Devine



Schematic & Palm Tree Snuff & Creature Tweaker Council

WMC showcase

@ PS14 28 NE 14ST
MIAMI, FL 33132

Alpha 606
EL TOPO vs Line Noise vs Obed (tweaker power trifecta)

BMG of Ectomoph
Eya (Alpha 606 & Nomadic)
Salim Rafiq
Takeshi Muto
EMERSON BREASTMILK vs JOEL THE HUT vs PARADOX (tweaker power trifecta)

Mochipet is Coming to Asheville North Carolina!

New Photos From Asian American Film Festival and SXSW Up!

New from Ale Fillman - Last Night My Turntables Killed A Soundbwoy

Download Link:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Daly City and LoveTech Presents Bunnies & Muffins Record Release Party April 4th!



DJs, Producers, Live Mad Scientists, MCs, Samurais, you know…

In no order, and I am going to update this once a week.

  1. Mochipet
  2. S.P.E.C.T.R.E.
  3. Ill-esha
  4. Heyoka
  5. PrEssHa
  6. novaTRON!
  7. Mimosa
  8. Goner
  9. Vaccine
  10. Boreta

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

also at chrome kids: a-ux remix of "sharp drest"

speaking of chrome kids (see previous post here on ye olde daly city blog):

earlier this week, chrome kids posted an electro remix of "sharp drest" by new york producer a-ux. i hadn't heard before and it's off-the-wall good.

the original version of the track - by eriksolo of meanest man contest, mochipet, and oonceoonce, is available on mochi's album microphonepet and can be downloaded for free at rcrd lbl (and other places too - see previous posts). you can also hear it in the soundtrack to nba 2k9 and catch a bunch of other great remixes of it at the remix microphonepet page.

Th' Mole & DJ 0.000001 on new ChromeKids mix

The bumpin' new mix tape from the ChromeKids features your boy DJ 0.000001's hit ODB/Glitch Mob/Matty G "thrash-up" as well as The Motherboard's "Motherload". "Motherload" is an ambitious "posse cut" executive produced by Th' Mole, including about 20 producers and MC's. Nearly two years in the making, the 8-minute long single has finally been released (along with an instrumental and acapella version) for free at Hand'Solo


Hopefully we haven't over loaded you with all the dope mixtapes this month because now we have our very own Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock mix for you to blast out. Stacked full of some of our favourite recent Dubstep tracks including: Stagga's killer track that's currently smashing dancefloors, Sick As Sin and his exclusive refix of Busta Rhymes' I Got Bass ; Monkey's version of the Velvet Underground track Venus In Furs, a grimeish version of Living On A Prayer by Swedish Hip-hop crew Looptroop; George Lenton's fantastic remixes of MGMT and The King Blues, and a couple of our favourite Raffertie remixes for The Scarlet Harlots and Food For Animals; there's also plenty more Bass heavy Future Hip-hop and erm Black Sabbath and the Rolling Stones too. Please feel free to circulate this wherever you choose.

(ZShare) Chrome Kids - Hulk Hop Vs Crunk Rock

Alice Russell – Crazy
Sugarpill – Busta Step
DJ 0.000001 - Ooh Baby I Like It Hard
Killa Queenz – Bitches (South Rakkas Remix)
The Hood Internet - Animals Collecting Money / alt link
The King Blues - Come Fi Di Youth (George Lenton Remix) / alt link
FreQ Nasty vs Propa Tingz - Peacemaker (Dub)
Andy H – Serious
Akira Kiteshi – Pinball
Evil 9 - All the Cash (Glitch Mob Remix)
Virus Syndicate – Hit Em High
Stagga ft Skamma – Sick As Sin
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam (High Rankin 100% Unofficial Remix) / alt link
Zeno – Blazin / alt link
Ghislain Poirier ft Face-T - Blazin' (Starkey Remix)
Mix n Blend ft Sfr & Ej von Lyric - Tantrum / alt link
Food For Animals - Mutumbo (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake) / alt link
The Scarlet Harlots ft Shiftee Moova - Backlash (Raffertie's Bigger Bass Remake) / alt link
George Lenton Vs MGMT - Weekend Wars Remix / alt link
Lowkey ft Jon McClure & Faith SFX – Revolution
Stagga Vs Busta Rhymes – I Got Bass / alt link
Looptroop Rockers - Praying On A Liver (Living On A Prayer Remix)
Spank Rock - Competition
Monkey Vs Velvet Underground – Venus In Furs Remix / alt link
Black Sabbath – Iron Man
Bassnectar – Heads Up (California Style)
The Motherboard – Motherload / alt link
Herrmutt Lobby –Vampire Remix
Lorn – Juggernaught
Soulwax Vs Rolling Stones - You Can't Always Get What You Want
Xrabit & DMG$ - Follow The Leader / alt link
Dorian Concept – Yorktown Recreation
Kraddy – Android Porn
The Qemists - Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix)
Flying Lotus – Tea Leaf Dancers (Low Limit Remix) / alt link

Bonus Download:

(YSI) Black Sabbath - Iron Man (An-Ten-Nae Remix)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Daly City Records at SXSW Austin TX! Tuesday 3/17!

While the official SXSW music festivities don't start up until the following day, Mochipet and his Daly City Records crew are getting a jump on the proceedings with this free St. Patrick's Day event. Festivalgoers looking to assault their eardrums will undoubtedly be delighted by the bass-heavy sounds delivered by artists like Drop the Lime, Round Table Knights, Nosaj Thing, Pharrell (from French blog Fluokids), and many more, including Daly City up-and-comers Vladimir Computin and Preshish Moments. - Taken from XLR8R.COM

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Sponsored by: Serato, XLR8R, M-Audio, Terrorbird, Incubation Music

Daly City Records PRE-SXSW Party!
3/17 St. Patrick Day Party

Free Entrance! Drink and Other Giveaways 9-11pm!

Mochipet (Daly City)

Drop The Lime (Trouble&Bass, NYC)

Vladimir Computin (DalyCity)

Preshish Moments (Daly City)

Larytta (Creaked Records, Switzerland)

Round Table Knights DJs (Switzerland)

Nosaj Thing (Alphapup, Los Angeles)

Pharrell (Fluokids, France)

215 The Freshest Kids


Beso Cantina
307 B W 5th St
Austin, TX 78701