Sunday, December 28, 2008

Build128 and Mochipet on the Sugarpill Mix

Check out the Sugarpill Glitchy Wamp Mix
with Build128 and Mochipet from Daly City!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mochipet and DJ Qbert at the SF Independent Friday!

If you need a lil Daly City fix after Christmas Day. Mochipet will be tearing it up with DJ Qbert and Joyo Velarde at the SF Independent. There's a rumor that big baby Jesus might make an appreance as well?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mochipet Announces New Monthly @ 111 Minna!

Daly City Records, ArtNowSF, & Euphonic Conceptions present: BASS CAMP
On January 15th, we are proud to present our launch party for our new monthly, Bass Camp, which is shaping up to be one for the history books already. San Francisco get ready.... Every month, BASS CAMP will be featuring some of the finest and most cutting edge electronic musicians in the world. Two rooms of serious beats. To start it off we bring out the legendary gentlemen from the Turbocrunk parties in Montreal, Bass Science from Tokyo & LA, and Robot Koch all the way from Berlin on top of the stacked locals line up. Come join us for the first of many, and help us wish MOCHIPET of BassCamp a Happy Birthday!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Merry holidays. Musics for you.

Th' Mole has holiday gifts for you: a freshly souped-up version of his 2005 smash hit "Merry Xmas I Have No $" and a re-mastered version of "Dreidel" (featuring the voices of Demune, Platelunch & Tang Li Wheebs, from 2002).

Th' Mole "Merry Xmas I Have No $" (MP3)

Th' Mole & Friends "Dreidel" (MP3)

And for nerds/dj's/producers:
"Merry Xmas I Have No $ (Acapella)" (256K MP3)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Remix Contest & Cover Art Contest- Become FAMOUS!!! :) :)

Th' MoleYes, as promised, Daly City is, once again, offering to save some of you poor, unfortunate wretches from the doldrums of society by propelling you into glamorous stardom where you can bask in the limelight alongside Mochipet, Warrior Queen, DJ Amazing Clay and Th' Mole!

Whoever makes the bestest remix of Th' Mole's "Heart Phire" song will be prominently featured on a super-cool free maxi-single hosted by Daly City, and whoever makes the most beautifulest cover art... you guessed it - they will be featured on the cover. Runners-up may also be included on the single or future releases.

Download the acapella vocals here (right-click or ctrl-click...) [130 bpm wav 17.8 MB]

Listen to the original version here Th' Mole "Heart Phire" (snippet). (From the forthcoming album, Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1, on Daly City Records February 2009.)

-Post MP3's or graphics as comments or e-mail to jonah[dot]themole[at]gmail[dot]com by January 20, 2009.
-Winner/s will be chosen based on Th' Mole's personal judgement. Points will be earned for balance of extremes, unpredictability, and goodness. (To really understand what rocks Th' Mole's ear and eye, check out the Whirled Fusion mix/thing.)
-Remix winner/s will eventually be asked for high quality versions of instrumentals and vocals as separate files - wav or aif.
-If desired, cover art may include some variation of the title Th' Mole "Jump Jack (Mochipet Remix)" featuring Warrior Queen ...or simply Jump Jack.
-Also for cover artists, the theme of the title song relates to jumping around, freaking out, and having a good time despite whatever heckish situation one may be in. And it relates to the virtues of physical exercise.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mochipet's Microphonepet Makes it on to Billy Jam''s Top 10 of 2008

Microphonepet Makes it on to Billy Jam's 2008 Top 10, host of the world famous hip hop show "Put The Needle On The Record" on 91.1 FM WFMU

BILLY JAM'S 2008 TOP 10:
1. Paris, Acid Reflex (Guerrilla Funk)
2. DJ Quest Questolous (Zebra Quest)
3. Nas, Untitled (Island Def Jam)
4. Mochipet, Microphonepet (Daly City)
5. Del tha Funkee Homosapien, The 11th Hour (Def Jux)
6. J-Live, Then What Happened? (BBE)
7. Azeem, Air Cartoons (Oaklyn)
8. Mike Relm, Spectacle (Radio Fried)
9. Raashan Ahmad The Push (Om)
10. Foreign Legion, The Secret Knock EP (Hungerstrike)

Read the full article

Mochipet on the Cover of San Francisco Bay Guardian

Mochipet on the Cover of San Francisco Bay Guardian Weekly Alongside local hard working Bay Area musical staples Matt Pike of High on Fire and Dawn McCarthy of Faun Fables.

Mochipet Signs with Elastic Artists in UK for European Booking

Mochipet Signs with Elastic Artists in UK for European Booking. Who's roster includes acts such as: A-Track, Buraka Som Sistema, Dan Deacon, Animal Collective, The Bug, Girl Talk, Diplo, Boy 8-bit and more.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"Earning my Honey Badge," or "Puff, Puff Passing in Namibia."

The Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis), also known as the Ratel, is a member of the Mustelidae family. They are distributed throughout most of Africa and western and south Asian areas of Baluchistan (eastern Iran), southern Iraq, Pakistan and Rajasthan (western India). It is the only species classified in the genus Mellivora and the subfamily Mellivorinae. They have been named the most fearless animal in the Guinness Book of World Records for a number of years.

This little guy wanders around aimlessly looking for something to eat. He lives off of the scraps of other animals. He does this until he finds his Honey Guide.

Honeyguides are named for a remarkable habit seen in one or two species: they guide humans, and possibly other large mammals (such as the Honey Badger) to bee colonies. Once the mammal opens the hive and takes the honey, the bird feeds on the remaining wax and larvae.

This little bird waits until she sees a Honey Badger near by. Then she swarms on him, flying around his face, bothering him greatly. He tries to swat her away but she doesn't give up. Eventually a natural instinct kicks in and the Honey Badger decides to follow the Honeyguide. She leads him to a bee hive.

The Honey Badgers hide is impermeable to Bee stings. His only vulnerable area is the tip of his nose. So the Honey Badger can easily rip open a Bee Hive and have a sticky lunch. But he never forgets to pay his Honeyguide. He leaves her a well rounded meal in return for her discovery.

You can watch the whole thing go down here in my new favorite movie, Animals are beautiful People.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SFBG - Mochipet - Danceable, bass-heavy, hip-hop adjacent beats

"In songs like "Sharp Drest" from this year's Microphonepet (Daly City), however, Mochipet is indisputably one in intention with these artists, producing tracks that bang so hard they cause involuntary dancing, and bass blurps that seem to filter through your sternum before reaching your eardrums. Pretty tuff stuff for a guy named after squishy stuff, especially since he so often performs in an infantilizing purple dinosaur suit. " - BY BRANDON BUSSOLINI


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mochi on Machines - Mochipet East Bay Express Feature

Mochi on Machines - Hot Daly City producer combines dinosaur suits and computer love.
“Mochipet Shows a knack for innovation that separates Wang from the pack… Wang's ability to keep innovating has given him real staying power in an increasingly fickle electronic music scene. He now belongs to an elite class of Bay Area DJs,” - By Rachel Swan

Monday, December 8, 2008

Mochipet Named Top Electronic Acts of 2008 by UK's Clash Magazine!

Mochipet was named #8 Best Underground Electronic Act by UK's Clash Magazine. "Savaged edits over schiphreaded beats sizzled Mochipet's great album into our charts. Mass collaborations with the likes of Jahcoozi, RQM, and a host of Berlin axis talent populated this conic bullet."

Friday, December 5, 2008

Microphonetpet Remixed 12" is OUT NOW through Creaked and Cargo Records!

OUT NOW! Microphonepet Remixed 12" with remixes by: Darko of Spank Rock, Chris De Luca vs. Phon.o, Boreta of Glitch Mob, DJ C, and more!! peep it on 12" or iTunes!

Oh Shit, The Christmas Album is up on

Daly City Records and Lowpro Lounge's Oh Shit, The Christmas Album is up on STS9's Record Label. All proceeds from this recording will be donated to The Non-Profit Association Conscious Alliance.

The Bay Area's Lowpro Lounge Recordings and Daly City Records would like for you to have this gift, from us to you. "Oh shit.... its Christmas!" a 9 track take on one of the most cherished of holiday traditions, the Christmas Album. Featuring tracks by Mochipet, J.Tonal, Preshish Moments, James Christopher + the Zaptap, Build 128, Majitope, Vladimir Computin, Bender and Bloody Snowman.


Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Casio QUELLotone

Here it is, Mike:

The Casio MT-46 circuit bent for Quell, features:
- Installed optical "theremin" with accompanying blinky light
- mute/mod switches for Hi-Hat sounds
- 4-way glitch joystick with alien filters and harmonies
- 3 body contacts for bitcrushed BROWN NOTES, special for the Reverend Moquell

There were times I thought this whole thing was wrecked. Up until the last minute, half of the keys weren't even working. At one point I was getting no audio at all -- fearing that I had crossed something hot and blown out a chip. I spent more time fixing things I'd snapped, unsoldered and burnt than I did adding new features! I couldn't resist adding the blinky opto-theremin thing either. The idea is to reflect the blinking *LAZERBEAM* back onto the photocell to make it freak out more.

SO MIKE -- the deal is, you have to post some freakout acid jams for us now. Maybe you can finally record the soundtrack to that new Unicorn-Cardiologist-Outer-Space-Western cartoon drama you've been working so hard on!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Giraffe Whisperer

I was recently given the gift of a photo tour at the San Diego Wild Life Reserve where I got to feed the Giraffes. My favorite animal, a dream come true.

Daly City Records on Pirate Cat Radio

Catch Daly City on Pirate Cat Radio.

Mochipet, Flying Skulls, and Quitter from Daly City Records went into Pirate Cat Radio Studios last night and layed down some beats o rama on The Canary Hours.

Check it here to listen.

Pirate Cat Radio

Monday, December 1, 2008

PUMA's 60th, Open Bar, Giveaways, Free, This Wed!

PUMA's 60th Anniversary!

Mochipet (Daly City Records)
Lazer Sword (Briefcase Rockers)
Egadz (Kid Without Radio/Holy Thursday)
performing live sets upstairs w Shane King (Hacksaw Ent.) DJing on the mezzanine. Our lovely host for the evening will be none other than Lady Chen (Upgrade).

Wednesday, December 3rd, 7-10pm

PUMA Store
856 Market St. SF, CA


Full Open Bar!

And every attendee will receive a free ticket to the Steve Aoki/ Lady Gaga show Tuesday, December 9th@ Great American Music Hall!

Mochipet Plays 9-10pm

*To RSVP Simply Email with the Subject "Mochipet @ PUMA"

Disturbing OR Funny. I can't decide. What do you think?