Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New old DJ 0.000001 mix!

Bay Area-based Circuitry Audio has just re-released a DJ 0.000001 "mix" that was released on CD-R a couple years ago. We put "mix" in quotes because, as is characteristic of DJ One-Millionth, his mix involves extreme editing, layering and original sequencing. Many of the compositions on this release, Listen To My Futures, later found their way onto the Whirled Fusion mixtape (featuring Th' Mole), but some (such as the Fugazi remix) has remained unheard on the internet until now. Circuitry AudioCheck it!

Also coming soon from DJ 0.000001, a new single featuring Mochipet and Eazy-E, another single ("Down In A Hole") coming out on Chrome Kids, and a remix album for Well.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jacker Gets Jacked

Daly City's resident beat jacker DJ 0.000001 recently got a taste of his own medicine when Canadian remix/rapper/singer gals Risky Business ganked the instrumental for his latest single - "We All Fall Down" - and laced it with original vocals and a Nancy Sinatra chorus. The result is freaking beautiful, as you can hear for yourself. (Never mind that it was released with no credit given to DJ 0.000001 or Nancy Sinatra. I suppose we can forgive them since they are beautiful blond Canadians and all.)

Meanwhile Mr. "One-Millionth" continues his adventures opening up for Th' Mole in Europe and the US. During the long train rides he has kept busy working on a new single as well as a remix album for Well. Stay tuned...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Th' Mole's "How 2 B Cool" Free Maxi-Single

In cooperation with Daly City, Chrome Kids drops their second online single: Th' Mole's "How 2 B Cool" - featuring an instrumental, remixes by Robot Koch and Ladyscraper, as well as a brand new track, "Dear Europe". Cop that baby for free at Chrome Kids.

Meanwhile, Th' Mole continues his European adventures (with DJ 0.000001 on select dates)...

Complete info for May-July US/Euro dates at myspace.com/themole.