Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Master P on Atari Single Out Now on Addictech,com!

Clash Magazine ( UK ) “Top Electronic Artists of 2008 - Savaged edits over schizphreaked beats sizzled Mochipet's great album into our charts…talent populated this sonic bullet.”

edIT (The Glitch Mob) "Mochi is keepin' it hyphy for the asians."

Lazersword (Briefcase Rockers) “yo man, was just listening to this mochipet track on my itunes a second ago, and was like what the fuck this is the dopest track i've ever heard. that whole album is rawwwwww”

MISSILL ( Paris , France ) “WOW, i didnt take a slap on my face like dat since a while.. wow wickeed album !!!...well done, big respect”

Mochipet's Bunnies & Muffins which is not even released yet makes it on to KPFA's Top 10 Charts.!

Mochipet's Bunnies & Muffins which is not even released yet makes it on to KPFA's Top 10 Charts. We can't wait for the actual release March 3rd 2009. Also coming out from Mochipet Master P on Atari out April 7th 2009. Please support KPFA and public radio. We need these stations to give us the good music!


1. habitat sound system vs dub traffik control - murder on golden hill – gematria
2. mochipet – bunnies & muffins – daly city
3. novalima - coba coba – cumbancha
4. marvin gaye – rapson edits - SPM
5. dj sun – para ep – laternate take
6. deadbeat – roots & wire – wagon repair
7. various – bay area dubstep 2 – full melt
8. fort knox five – radio free dc – fort knox
9. greyboy – 15 years of west coast cool – ubiquity
10. various – modiba sampler

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

RIP Charlie Cooper =( Sad.

Charlie Cooper, one-half of Telefon Tel Aviv, has passed away at the age 31, it's been reported.

The cause of his death is still unknown, but bandmate and friend Joshua Eustis left the following message on the band's MySpace page.

"It breaks my heart to inform you all that Charlie Cooper, my better half in Telefon Tel Aviv, passed away on January 22.

We have been friends since high school, and began making records together a decade ago. We have been so fortunate to tour the world together, while at the same time having a massive amount of laughs at one another's expense.

Aside from Charlie's singular genius and musical gifts, I can tell you that he was a total sweetheart of a guy, and a loving friend and confidant to people everywhere. His musicianship was surpassed only by his greater gift to the world—his warmth, his generosity, his unquenchable humor, and his undying loyalty to those he loved. In the spirit of honorable mention, however, I should mention that he had a shoe collection that was marvelous, knowledge of hip-hop that was profound, and knowledge of wine that was subtle.

He is survived by a sister, a neice, a nephew, his mother, his stepfather, me, and more adoring friends than the Universe has dark matter. As such, his family and I ask for your discretion and consideration of our privacy during these extremely turbulent waters."

More details as to the cause of his death will follow in the coming days.

Update: According to a CBS Chicago article, Cooper went missing last Wednesday night, after an argument with his girlfriend, and was found Monday in the Near Northwest Side neighborhood in Chicago. An autopsy is scheduled for today to determine the cause of his death.

Cooper (left) and Eustis.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ol Dirty Bastard LIVES w/ Glitch Mob & Matty G

Courtesy of DJ 0.000001, Ol' Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" acapella gets warped all over a freshly remixed version of Matty G's "West Coast Rocks (Glitch Mob Remix)". Can you remix a remix? Sure you can! You can even remix a remixed remix, cause we've included high quality MP3's of the re-edited acapella, instrumental, and "version" versions, as well as the original, all in one convenient zip folder.

DJ 0.000001 "Ooh Baby I Like It Hard (ODB + Glitch Mob & Matty G)"

Zip file including high-res original, acapella, version, and instrumental

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mochipet Now Booking Master P on Atari Europe Tour!

Mochipet is Now Booking Master P on Atari Europe Tour 2009! That's right, Mochipet is coming back to Europa in April and May 2009 and he would love to play in your town! For Bookings please contact Sinan Ors ( at Elastic Artists Ltd.

Mochipet Bio: (Download)
Press Clips: (Download)
Turbo Thizz Petnation (Download Mp3)
Press Photos (Download)
Live Photos: (View)
Video: (Youtube)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Quitter Love from ManyBrain Dudes

(NastyNasty & Ben Sandoval) has been getting a lotta love lately for our own little brand of fucked up hyphy nonsense

Check the little blurb and free download over @ the manybrain blog (contributors include members of the Turbo Crunk fam, Lazer Sword and the Lucky Me fam)

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Download New Unreleased Mochipet Track on XLR8R.COM

There’s no doubt that Daly City Records head honcho and costumed maestro of pulsating soundscapes, Mochipet, had quite the prolific year in 2008, but from the sounds of this track (off his awesomely titled, impending release Master P On Atari), we're already looking forward to what's in store for us in 2009.

Featuring Mochipet’s signature whomp of throbbing low-end and synthy clatter, this sizzling cut pits diced-up morsels of Atari bleep-age and choppy, 606 percussion against a mammoth-sized wall of grimy, electro goodness. With roof-blasting caliber written all over it, we feel sorry for whatever warehouse crosses paths with this track next

Friday, January 16, 2009

Mochipet Daly City Podcast for XLR8R Magazine

For the latest XLR8R Podcast, Daly City Records label boss David Wang, better known as Mochipet, showcases many different sounds from his label (as well as the many different ways one can wear a purple jumpsuit). Starting with his own tracks, off his Master P on Atari release, Wang unrolls a mix of future bass, warped hip-hop, and crunked-out electro, weaving in cuts from Eprom, The Flying Skulls, Lupe Fiasco, and his own remix of Jamie Lidell's "Little Bit of Feel Good." And there's that take on "Thriller," from the unreleased and brilliantly titled Michael Jackson Loves Dubstep.

Daly City Podcast:
01 Mochipet - "Pythagorean Hyphy Proof"
02 Mochipet - "Master P on Atari"
03 Mochipet - "Robo Crunk Juice"
04 Mochipet - "Mike Jones Remix"
05 Mochipet - "Turbo Thizz Petnation"
06 Mochipet - "Sumo Hertz"
07 Mochipet - "Mashall Bass Stacks A Milli Remix"
08 Mochipet - "Complex Players Dub"
09 Mochipet - "NDVendetta"10 Jantsen - "Jazzstepa Masher"
11 Mochipet - "It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It"
12 Three Six Mafia ft. UGK - "Sippin' On Da Syrup (Accapella)"
13 Mochipet - "Rkelly Remix"
14 Mochipet - "Thriller in Dub"
15 Mochipet - "Drop The Cellie vs. Spank Rock"
16 Mochipet - "BossPet" - Daly City
17 Eprom - "64Bytes" - Addictech
18 Build128 - "Kiss Kiss Remix"
19 The Flying Skulls - "Skulls & Angles"
20 Mochipet - "Spring (Featuring Daedelus)"
21 Mochipet - "Prolonging Forever"
22 Mochipet - "Underwater Aardvark B-Boy Beats (Featuring Roman Ruins)"
23 Lupe Fiasco - "Kick Push (Accapella)"
24 Mochipet - "Fool (Featuring Spaceheater)"
25 Jamie Lidell -"Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mochipet Remix)"
26 Mochipet - "Memories"

Subscribe to this podcast: iTunes or mp3 format. For help, click here.


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Exclusive Mochipet Music on Memekast!

For this episode, he presents a sampling of some of the new material he's been using to destroy sound systems and convert nonbelievers. It's a massive thing, spastic but tightly controlled, somewhere between dubstep, glitch hop, ghettotech, and syrup-fueled Southern hip hop. And this shit absolutely lays waste to a dancefloor.

You can catch him along with Montreal's Turbocrunk (Megasoid, Lunice, & Hovatron), Robot Koch from Jahcoozi, Bass Science, and Lazer Sword on January 15 at his new monthly: Bass Camp @ 111 Minna. We're pretty sure this is going to be one of the freshest monthlies of 2009, and expect to see you there, wishing Mochi a happy birthday.

His latest release, Microphonepet, is available from Daly City Records, Amazon, iTunes, etc and features such MC's as Casual (Heiroglyphics), Raashan (Crown City Rockers), Mykah9 (Freestyle Fellowship), and Bicasso (Living Legends).

Click here to listen.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Beats by the Bay Saturday with Mochipet Daedelus and more

Symbiosis Presents Beats by the Bay
With Mochipet, Daedelus, Elliot Lip, Pretty Lights, Flying Skulls, and more!
@ Kelly's Mission Rock Cafe
817 terry Francois Blvd.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

BassCamp Launch is This Thursday!

Hey everyone! What has Mochipet, Megasoid, Robot Koch, Lunice, Hovatron, Bass Science, Lazersword, Quitter, Buddy Leroy, Epcot and Salva, ArtNowSF, Euphonic Conceptions, and Daly City Records All rolled into one Monster Sushi Roll??? That's right Bass Camp! Come out this Thursday and see the madness!

Mochipet Makes it on to XLR8R's Top 50 Mp3s of 2008 3 Times!

Mochipet Makes it on to XLR8R's Top 50 Mp3s of 2008 3 Times! that's right! Not 1x or 2x but 3 Mochipet Tracks on XLR8R's Top 50 Mp3s of 2008! Thanks for downloading guys!

Mochipet Music on 3315 Sprint Cell Phones!

Mochipet makes it on to the Sprint Top 100 Chart at #3! For Week Ending January 12, 2009 Mochipet's Music was on 3315 Sprint Cell Phones!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Build128 No More...

Sup Kids,
Happy New Years folks

Until further notice...Build128 has ceased to be
no more breakcore out of me for a while
been holed up in a cave developing super secret new kung-fu subwoofer techniques
got some new new freshness to drop on y'all soon
do peep the myspace for a full report and fresh new songs
check the quitter page for a nice suprise too

big <333