Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Th' Mole & DJ 0.000001 - free download!!!

[99 MB]

In preparation for Th' Mole's upcoming album, Daly City presents you with a banging new mix by DJ 0.000001 ["one-millionth"], featuring several Mole tracks and a truck load of other artists. Traditional mash-ups are over; DJ 0.000001's "thrash-ups" normally consist of at least three or four different songs, plus original sequencing and intricate editing. Want to know what Rush, Too Short and Skream sound like together? How about Danny Elfman, Stacs of Stamina and Chromeo? Find out by downloading the EXHILARATING Whirled Fusion "mix tape" here:
[99 MB]

* Preview snippet: WhirledFusionPreview.mp3 *

01. J-Kwon "Tipsy (Instrumental)" + Sugrivah Vs. Hanuman "Visit Ya Dealer" + Techno Animal ft. Sonic Sum "DC-10" + DJ Shadow "Influx"
02. Th' Mole "How 2 B Cool (Remix)"
03. 666Gangstaz "Every Freakin Night" + Killjoy "Britney Stole My Crackpipe" + Too Short "Nobody Does It Better" + La Caution "Chomage, Voitures, Nuits Blanches"
04. Kylesa "The Warning" + Kromestar "Narrow Whispers" + Brigitte Bardot & Serge Gainsbourg "Bonnie And Clyde" + Math Head "Bricks" + Mindless Self Indulgence "Straight To Video" + DJ Scud "Kill Or Be Killed (Version)"
05. Th' Mole "Not Too Punk (Mochi Mix)"
06. SharpSound "Skratchbeat2" + Danny Elfman "Shrunken Heads Main Title" + Stacs Of Stamina "Poisson Screwed" + Chromeo "Needy Girl"
07. Chic "Le Freak" + Lil Jon ft. Young Buck of G-Unit & Pastor Troy "Throw It Up" + Subtle "The Mercury Craze (Acapella) + Too Short "Nobody Does It Better" + Dr. Dre "Lyrical Gangbang" + Fat Boys "Powerlord" + Twista ft. Trillville & Lil Jon "Neva Eva (Remix) (Acapella)" + Elephant Man ft. Lil Jon "Get Low" + Drew Slum "On Tha Road" + 666Gangstaz "Every Freakin Night" + The A&T Drumline "D&K Cadence"
08. Th' Mole "Pieces (Neo Judas Remix)"
09. Honna "Two-Loop" + Modest Mouse "Horn Intro" + Public Enemy "Night Of The Living Baseheads (Anti-Blood Pressure Encounter Mixx)"
10. S.A.M. "Trapperfieber" + Graham Coxon "Standing On My Own Again" + J. Valentine ft. Bailey "Go Dumb"
11. Th' Mole "We Control Everything (Instrumental)"
12. Th' Mole "The Day Everything Changed (ft. dadaLU)"
13. Ghislain Poirier "Don't Smile, It's Post-Modern" + 666Gangstaz "Every Freakin Night" + Razor X Productions "Kill (Version)" + DJ Shadow "Treach Battle Break" + Tipper ft. Epcot "Ruck"
14. Th' Mole "This Is What Happens When My Thoughts Get Ahead Of Me (ft. Terms None)"
15. Kontroversy396 "Track 5 396 1" + Coldcut "True Skool" + Beginner "Hör Weg" + Dead Prez "It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop (Acapella)" + SebastiAn "H.A.L." + Rush "Tom Sawyer"
16. Rush "Tom Sawyer" + Skream "Check It (Instrumental)" + Too Short "Freaky Tales (Instrumental)" + Wild Sugar "Bring It Here"
17. Incredible Bongo Band "Apache" + Nump "I Got Grapes" + Bert Weedon "Apache" + Mellow Man Ace "Breakin' The Glass" + The Winstons "Amen, Brother" + Varttina "Nahkarouska (Leather Whip)"
18. Th' Mole "Mutate Or Die"
19. Th' Mole "Now Go Do Something"

Coming early 2009 on Daly City:
*TH' MOLE - GREATEST HITS (HA HA HA) VOL. 1 CD, featuring Warrior Queen, Mochipet, Jahcoozi, DJ Amazing Clay, Bloodysnowman, Preshish Moments & Captain Daydream.

PS - Musicians, a !!!remix contest!!! will soon be held for inclusion on the aforementioned free single! Stay tuned...

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