Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Jacker Gets Jacked

Daly City's resident beat jacker DJ 0.000001 recently got a taste of his own medicine when Canadian remix/rapper/singer gals Risky Business ganked the instrumental for his latest single - "We All Fall Down" - and laced it with original vocals and a Nancy Sinatra chorus. The result is freaking beautiful, as you can hear for yourself. (Never mind that it was released with no credit given to DJ 0.000001 or Nancy Sinatra. I suppose we can forgive them since they are beautiful blond Canadians and all.)

Meanwhile Mr. "One-Millionth" continues his adventures opening up for Th' Mole in Europe and the US. During the long train rides he has kept busy working on a new single as well as a remix album for Well. Stay tuned...

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