Saturday, December 20, 2008

Remix Contest & Cover Art Contest- Become FAMOUS!!! :) :)

Th' MoleYes, as promised, Daly City is, once again, offering to save some of you poor, unfortunate wretches from the doldrums of society by propelling you into glamorous stardom where you can bask in the limelight alongside Mochipet, Warrior Queen, DJ Amazing Clay and Th' Mole!

Whoever makes the bestest remix of Th' Mole's "Heart Phire" song will be prominently featured on a super-cool free maxi-single hosted by Daly City, and whoever makes the most beautifulest cover art... you guessed it - they will be featured on the cover. Runners-up may also be included on the single or future releases.

Download the acapella vocals here (right-click or ctrl-click...) [130 bpm wav 17.8 MB]

Listen to the original version here Th' Mole "Heart Phire" (snippet). (From the forthcoming album, Greatest Hits (Ha Ha Ha) Vol. 1, on Daly City Records February 2009.)

-Post MP3's or graphics as comments or e-mail to jonah[dot]themole[at]gmail[dot]com by January 20, 2009.
-Winner/s will be chosen based on Th' Mole's personal judgement. Points will be earned for balance of extremes, unpredictability, and goodness. (To really understand what rocks Th' Mole's ear and eye, check out the Whirled Fusion mix/thing.)
-Remix winner/s will eventually be asked for high quality versions of instrumentals and vocals as separate files - wav or aif.
-If desired, cover art may include some variation of the title Th' Mole "Jump Jack (Mochipet Remix)" featuring Warrior Queen ...or simply Jump Jack.
-Also for cover artists, the theme of the title song relates to jumping around, freaking out, and having a good time despite whatever heckish situation one may be in. And it relates to the virtues of physical exercise.

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