Saturday, March 28, 2009

Th' Mole gets mad good press

People seem to like Th' Mole's new album and music video quite a bit. Not only has the album debuted at #33 on the CMJ college radio charts, but it has received a huge amount of web and print attention, even without any press campaign.

Poland's Doktor Krank says

"You should definitely check this release, even if you never heard about this guy. His music escapes easy pigeonholing as its creativity goes much much beyond one music genre or style, which is quite a painful thing for music journalists, but a real treat for any intelligent and open-minded music fans. Turbo wonky apocalyptic madness delivered by Th’ Mole with the help of his fantastic vocal cords in a goofy hip hop manner, built on glitch and free-style electronica will elevate your mood instantly! You will be surprised, your mood will swing like in kaleidoscope. But you will definitely love the man behind this entire bombastic nuke dropped unexpectedly on you. Writing about Th’mole music you just cannot escape being a bit bombastic in your selection of words, sorry I can’t do anything about this."

Ha! Read the whole article here.

Meanwhile, gives another rave review:

A collection of reworked "hits" alongside new tunes, Greatest Hits is fun, upbeat dance music inspired by rap, glitch-hop and electro, with just a splash or two of bluegrass fiddle. Using this catchy ear candy as a backdrop, th' Mole flips hyper, simple raps that emphasize the positive messages in his music, such as "How 2 B Cool" and "People Are Good," alongside dance floor scorchers like "Jump Jack" and "Heart Phire," and a handful of instrumentals. Even the one angry song, "I Hate You," a break-up song, is fairly energetic and dances the thin line between ballad and rump shaker, finally crossing over with the angrier 8-bit remix, labeled "Secret Hidden Bonus Track." A bonus MP3 EP contains a few more songs and remixes. "Tick Tick Blam" appears in original and instrumental form, as well as two remixes, but the highlights are "Brush 'Em," a sugary sweet, pro-teeth cleaning anthem from th' Mole's children's entertainer alter ego Captain Daydream, and the two-part lesson in horseback riding, "Go Horsie," the first part serving as the newest single, with a video featuring th' Mole running amok as a vibrantly costumed "stupid, supercharged idiot."

See the aforementioned "Go Horsie" music video here, and read the full Exclaim review here.

Th' Mole is only picking up steam from here... Stay tuned for TWO new single releases on Chrome Kids/Daly City in the next month, music and articles in the new edition of Dead Magazine, and tours across the US/Canada/Europe in April, May and June. (STILL booking. To get some Mole in your town; contact

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