Sunday, April 26, 2009

Th' Mole On Tour, Making Noise

In the midst of a tour that will last through July and possibly longer, Th' Mole has been making a mess all over the place. Not only has his album hit #12 on the CMJ charts and his single remained #1 on XLR8R's MP3 downloads for nearly three weeks, he's managed to get a ton of other press and new fans during his travels as well as recording a crazy new collaboration album, featuring a ton of the talented folks with whom he has encountered on the road. Including Baseck and Cristinky of Sonic Death Rabbit, amongst a host of others, the album is sure to be chock full of insane talent and an eclectic array of styles. (See below, as Michigan's Myn Dwun records his crunk-ass verse about the value of hugging your friends, in Th' Mole's car!)

The busy little Mole promises to give us an in-depth recap of the tour (including the reason behind his getting turned away from the Canadian border) as soon as he has a spare minute, but for now you can follow his Twitter updates at and see his upcoming schedule for the US and Europe at

1 comment:

Myn Dwun Point 9 Repeating said...

YEAYEAH! Good thing my voice was back in shape before my voice acting class. I dare anyone else to show a picture of Pro Tools being used in a Volvo in combination with a SM58 and panty hose!