Wednesday, April 22, 2009


[ Exlusive on iTunes or Addictech ]

The latest official full length record from Mochipet "Master P on Atari"
is out today exclusively on iTunes and Addictech.

ARTIST: Mochipet
Master P on Atari
Daly City Records
Digital & Special Edition CD
Mastered by:
Bil Bless

Mochipet’s 808 Opus “Microphonepet” gained him a spot on 2kSports’ NBA2k9 Videogame along side acts such as Beastie Boys, N.E.R.D., and The Cool Kids and now he’s back with another Glitched Out Video Game Marathon. Master P on Atari is dirtier, bassier, and spaceier, with lazers set on full destruct. You’ll hear elements of Hip Hop, Dubstep, 8bit, IDM, Metal, and Chopped and Screwed but it is still all David Y. Wang, expanding on his already immense electronic musical pallet. There might be a reason why publications such as The Clash Magazine (UK), Bay Guardian, and SFWeekly has nomited him as one of the Best Electronic Act of 2008 and one to watch for in the future!
Kid Koala (Ninjatune)
“Mochipet is hilariously funky. He should score the next Katamari video game!”

Clash Magazine ( UK )
“Top Electronic Artists of 2008 - Savaged edits over schizphreaked beats sizzled Mochipet's great album into our charts…talent populated this sonic bullet.”

edIT (The Glitch Mob) "Mochi is keepin' it hyphy for the asians."

Lazersword (Briefcase Rockers) “yo man, was just listening to this mochipet track on my itunes a second ago, and was like what the fuck this is the dopest track i've ever heard. that whole album is rawwwwww”

MISSILL ( Paris , France )
“WOW, i didnt take a slap on my face like dat since a while.. wow wickeed album !!!...well done, big respect”

URB Magazine
“Mochipet is making one hell of an argument—for hip hop and even music in general….One very versatile producer…"

KEXP ( Seattle , WA ) “beats spanning the hip-hop and electronic genres, often combining the two in memorable fashion…you barely have to lift a finger to enjoy this”

Pharrell (FLUOKIDS Blog) " Mochipet ….soft and pop, slow fox trot, rubs your buttocks more gently please, I want to take my time like turning the first 25 pages of pub of my magazine of mode, mode."

01) Pythagorean Hyphy Proof
02) Master P on Atari
03) Turbo Thizz Petnation
04) Sumo Hertz

05) Robo Crunk Juice
06) Mashall Bass Stacks
07) Complex Players Dub
08) Ghetto Puddin Pet
09) It Ain't Trickin If Ya Got It
10) Coleco Crunk Vision
11) Win With Wang
12) Full Frontal Face Melt
13) Honey Badger Breaks
14) Godzilla New Year

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