Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mochipet's Michael Jackson Thriller Remix Makes it on to Darwin's Natural Selection Charts!

Natural Selection Tracklist:

01. Bit Meddler „Japn Rapn Demo“
02. Noggano „Matrioshki“/Mr. Scruff „Whiplash“/Mr. Oizo „W“
03. Lotek Hi-Fi „Who's Laughing Now?“
04. Dabrye feat. Jay Dee & Phat Kat „Game Over“ (Flying Lotus Remix)
05. William S. Burroughs „Origin and Theory“ (Excerpt from lecture)
06. Mochipet „Bobo Loves Dubstep Too“
07. 5Nizza „Soldat“/Karaoke Tundra „Kill The Neighbours!“ (Gargle & Expel Remix)
08. The Bug feat. Ricky Ranking „Murder We“
09. Candie Hank „Schurkenlounge­“/Britney Spears „Womanizer“ (Acapella)/Mr. Oizo „Bonhomme“
10. Radio interview with John Oswald (Excerpt)
11. Starkey „Striking Distance“
12. Bong Ra „The Rush“ (Drop The Lime Remix)/Puding Pani Elvisovej „Retrostylin“ (Acapella)
13. Foolk „Koniec“

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