Friday, June 20, 2008

Build128 can actually type!!!

hello folks, your old friend J-fizzle on the 1's and 2's.
so here we are in the scorching heat of a pretty notable oakland summer and I'm sweating my balls off trying to just sit still. I think i might be damaging my ears working on this new "hope again" remix but it's so f@cking hot at least i won't be able to hear the 3000 decibel fan pushing the hot air onto me while i work.
anybody check out that vortex cookies remix?
sh*t's effin rad it(it's a post or two down i think)

and i got a lil present for y'all too:

^^^click on the pic^^^
SlowleaK records cordially invites you to enjoy
Drip 07- Build128 : Wintermute (e.p.)
" Razor sharp, stuttered break-beats, aggressively edited drum fills and melodic washes from Oakland's Build128. "
Basically the finest i can provide in bedroom weirdery.
introverted breakcore and glitch...basically all the nasty stuff I've been playing for the last few years.

In other news I've got some brand new remixes in the works too as well as a full length album I'm tentatively calling "dancefloors and death-rattles" in the works. I'm attempting to blur the lines between warehouse beats and big fancy club music with this one so expect a lot of nods towards; mainstream rap, skate-punk, booty bass, new wave and thrash as well the usual break-core mayhem.

may as well drop this in too:

^^ little vidya from last years terrorbird/dalycity records party @ 111 Minna

well that about wraps it up for this installment...always more to come.

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